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Aistit / coming to our senses

Paris, London, Berlin, Helsinki and Ghent
From March 2021 to mid-2022

Chapter II
Weaving, Yearning London

Weaving, yearning is a public sound installation by Kalle Nio and Hans Rosenström, that unfolds along a route through the busy King’s Cross area. It is a song consisting of four voices that softly drifts through a cityscape creating an invisible thread that weaves the listener, the passer-by and the environment together for a fleeting moment.

A slightly modified landscape with two modern buildings and a tree reaching to the sky at Pancras Square in London, UK. In the background sunset colours the clouds in different shades of pink and gray.
Weaving, Yearning (2021) by Hans Rosenström and Kalle Nio. Photography by Iina Holopainen, Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland. Pancras Square, King's Cross.

The song, composed by Aino Venna in dialogue with the artists, will play once a day for a duration of 20 minutes around the hour of sunset. It finds its inspiration from the evening sky and the precious air we all breathe. With its four voices, Weaving, yearning vibrates the air as it travels through it, reflecting off surrounding surfaces, moving on the skin of the bodies nearby, making its way inside the listener. The song reminds us of our shared existence and our interwoven lives that together form a delicate and temporary community.

Weaving, yearning is both a song and an event. It elevates a moment under the changing sky and is an invitation to sense the surrounding cityscape in all its glory. It offers the passer-by the chance to breathe in the atmosphere and its nuances, to take note that:  I am here and you are here too. Let us listen. Let this song carry us together for ‘Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.’ [Simone Weil*]

The past year has thrown into stark relief the ways in which our lives are interdependent and how singular events ripple through communities and across continents. The awareness of how mundane individual decisions may hold unforeseen consequences for others has sharpened. Our entanglements can also be perceived as a remedy to lonely individualism and a vital invitation to attend to each other with care and tenderness. Weaving, yearning spreads over King’s Cross at dusk, summoning a gentle awareness of the presence of fellow beings nearby.

Weaving, yearning from May 13 to June 22, 2021.


Where: Pancras Square

When: Starts every day at 9 PM, duration 20 min.


Kalle Nio 

Hans Rosenström



Aino Venna


Aino Venna is a Finnish composer and vocalist with extensive multi-artistic work experience in Finland and abroad. As an artist they have a strong vision with ambitions especially in the fields of urban art, modern circus and theatre.



Laura Salovaara

David Hackston

Aino Venna

Valter Maasalo


Sound technician:

Jussi Liukkonen


Technical support:

Paulie Roche

Kevin Luckhurst


Technical implementation:

RG Jones


Weaving, yearning was made possible with the generous support of The Saastamoinen Foundation and Niilo Helander Foundation.

Artists in London

Venues in London

King's Cross area


May 13 – June 22, 2021

at Pancras Square.

The sound installation starts every day at 9 PM at Pancras Square. Duration 20 min.


Pancras Square, King’s Cross



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