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Aistit / coming to our senses

Paris, London, Berlin, Helsinki and Ghent
From March 2021 to mid-2022

Chapter V
Disappearing Ghent

The fifth instalment of AISTIT / coming to our senses unfolds at Kunstencentrum Voo?uit in Ghent at the beginning of 2022 with a new commissioned performance work by Kid Kokko: Disappearing – a passion.

Kid Kokko's piece Genderfuck (1) - GENDERFUCK. Photography by Kid Kokko
Kid Kokko: Genderfuck (1) - GENDERFUCK. Photography by Kid Kokko

Working group:


Tari Doris / sound

Meri Ekola / light

Kid Kokko / text, performing, overall responsibility


E.L. Karhu / dramaturg

Anna-Mari Karvonen / performance dramaturg

H. Ouramo / translator

Space opens up. Other space opens up, how else to describe it, how else, space opens up, that is clear.


Disappearing – a passion


This is a performance concert.

This is a light concert, a sound concert, a text concert, an organ concert. This  is a passion and a disappearance.

This is also something else.

This is all the time also something else.



Suddenly: so sad. Suddenly: so light.       Suddenly: so possible.



Suddenly: so ordinary.



Let’s go.

Working group



Tari Doris | sound

Meri Ekola | light

Kid Kokko | text, performing, overall responsibility E. L. Karhu | dramaturgy

Anna-Mari Karvonen | performance dramaturgy  H Ouramo | translating


Linda Fredriksson | bass clarinet, baritone sax Lada Suomenrinne | photography




Thank you



Sophie Xeon, Laura Aguilar, Satu Herrala, Elli  Salo, Suvi Tuuli Kataja, Stoa staff: Antti, Katri,  Mikko, Niila

A commission of A I S T I T / coming to our  senses contemporary art programme. Production  by The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux /  Kati Laakso, Emmi Salminen and the working  group.

[not quite seeing, not quite hearing, not quite remembering, not quite  knowing or seeing what’s happening, where to disappear, why, not  even asking why anymore, no more explaining, no more  remembering, listening to some sort of a humming, some distant  movement, some sounds of speaking maybe, but far away, speaking,  murmuring, someone murmurs by themselves somewhere far away,  hearing that, someone speaking about the weather, recalling the  weather, the wind, the rain, the skies and the clouds, a landscape  shrouded in maybe some kind of a haze, a landscape with not much  detail, the detail can’t really be made out, and this is really not about  that, the gaze sweeps the landscape, the person, the weather  conditions and the other conditions, nothing is really brought into  focus, listening to the distant speaking, not distinguishing everything  because there’s no need to distinguish everything, the landscape  moves closer and further away, how can it move closer and further  away at the same time, the landscape that moves further away, the  person that moves further away, the distinctions and forms that move  further away, the words, hair, hairs, skins, signs, I don’t remember,  some distant something moving further away, I look at this  something, I’m looking, there’s a light breeze.]

Venues in Ghent


‘Disappearing – A Passion’

January 27 &  28, 2022



Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23

9000 Ghent


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